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Virtual Wellness

Relieve pain, release stress, learn targeted self-care

"I need advice managing my pain or stress, but I'm not comfortable meeting with anyone in person right now."


"I wish I could do more to keep feeling great between massage appointments."

"I'm motivated to take on a better self-care routine, but I don't know where to start!"

"I would like help setting health goals and sticking to them."

Let me support and empower you to feel more in control of your wellness. 


Virtual wellness is great for chronic pain or tightness, overuse injuries, headaches, stress or anxiety, and sports recovery. You could also choose virtual wellness with a simple goal of improving your general mobility, well-being, and to learn techniques for effective self-care.


The format for virtual wellness is the same as my massage appointments but as we meet via Zoom, there's no contact and no travel time. We start with a few sessions, establish goals, make a personalized plan, follow up regularly, and work together toward a schedule of maintenance.

Your customized self-care plan will include things like stretching, foam rolling, trigger point techniques, myofascial release, exercises to align and strengthen, or breathing and meditation exercises.

More information coming soon!

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