My experience with Heini has been so incredible!  She quickly figured out the root cause for my neck pain and took the time to not only treat the pain but also to teach me about it and how to help myself.  I would highly recommend seeing her for any bodywork or pain relief you need!

Sheila G.

"So Much More Than Just a Feel Good Massage"

On the fence about scheduling a massage with Heini? Do yourself a favor and pick up the phone! Although you'll feel good when you leave, Heini offers so much more than just a 'feel good' massage. She’s able to get to the root of her client's problems and help remedy them once and for all. She’s approachable and made me feel comfortable right off the bat, which helped me relax and get the most out of my time with her. It was the best massage I've ever had I will be back for more!

Jill M.

"Peace of Mind to Counter the Stress of Competition"

Heini is terrific! My son is a competitive distance runner, and Heini has worked with him before and after races throughout his season. Heini was able to work with his tight schedule as a student-athlete, developing a customized maintenance program for injury prevention and to support top performance. She gave us both some peace of mind at a time when stress can be a large component of the competition.

Libby O.

"Great Massage to Help Reduce Migraine Attacks"

I have been suffering with migraines for several years. One of the triggers is tension within the muscles of my back. My doctor recommended that I had regular massage sessions, and I have been going to see Heini monthly for more than two years. Heini provides a relaxing environment and a great massage! She works on specific points and within my comfort zone. I have fewer migraine attacks now, and my back feels so much more mobile!

Karen R.

Heini is the best! I have been seeing Heini for weekly massages while in training for competition. Her expert knowledge and skill ensures that I stay injury free and at peak performance. Even when not competing, Heini provides great care. She listens and truly hears what I need and does what is best for my body.

Elzeth H.

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