Wellness Membership for Busy Lives

No matter what the world throws at you, your well-being shouldn’t end up on the back burner. Working remotely, running a home-based business, or homeschooling children can throw your self-care for a loop.


But with some ongoing support, you can ensure that you are getting the movement and wellness you deserve. Better still, you will learn how to do the RIGHT things, and fit them in small pockets of time in your busy life!

Wellness Weekly is a membership that will educate, guide, and encourage you in your health journey. You will learn simple and quick self-care activities and exercises that give results and fit into a real-life schedule.

How Does It Work?

Each week you will receive two short and easy-to-follow videos through the Marco Polo Channels app (which you can download on any Apple or Android device). The videos are not time-sensitive, so you can watch them when it fits your schedule. 


Videos will include stretches, mobility and strengthening exercises, and wellness tips that are often suitable for the whole family. Some videos will also come with downloads to offer additional information and techniques.  


The Channels app allows us to communicate back and forth throughout the week so that I can answer your questions and make sure you feel confident with the exercises. I check in with the group regularly and consistently, to help keep you accountable.

When you join as a member, you will learn how to incorporate movement and wellness habits into your day to help you:

  • Reduce chronic pain and tightness

  • Improve your mobility and flexibility

  • Release stress

  • Counteract the effects of extended time in front of screens


The videos are typically 5 – 10 minutes long (though some techniques are slower and take longer). These habits and exercises really will fit in your coffee break or morning routine!


These aren’t your average stretches. Your Wellness Weekly membership gives you highly targeted techniques drawn from my professional experience and expertise as a massage therapist and coach.


$35/month, or $25/month as a massage add-on
Rolling monthly subscription, no minimum term commitment

Come Join Us!

I can’t wait to share the Wellness Weekly membership program with you. This safe space will support and encourage you, as you move more and feel better. The techniques you'll learn will also support our massage treatment plan and help you reach your health goals even faster.


Are you ready to stretch, move, and get your well-being back on track?

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