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For headaches & chronic pain

  • Reduce moderate to severe musculoskeletal pain, headaches, anxiety, or stress  without drugs!

  • Improve your quality and range of movement

  • Manage and ease symptoms of conditions such as fibromyalgia or autoimmune disorder

This is my flagship program for true VIP treatment! A fully comprehensive healthcare program to support your healing and get you back on track. Together we'll agree on an outcome goal and build a treatment plan around that. We continually track progress and adjust as needed. You also have access to a concierge level of support from me even between appointments.


For recovery & maintenance

  • Stay injury free through your season or training cycle

  • Prepare for competition and recover better

  • Improve and support your sports performance  

Massage therapy is an integral part of an athlete's training program! This plan is for anyone training regularly: marathon runners, student athletes, those in team sports or training for a specific challenge. Regular sessions help you minimize the risk of overuse injury and recover quicker and better  all adding up to optimal sport performance! This program is built around your schedule and the demands of your sport.

Compare Our Massage Programs

  • Comprehensive, full-service program

  • Access to unlimited support and a flexible schedule that adapts as you get better

  • Typical commitment 7-9 months, with the goal of moving to maintenance only

  • Perfect for headaches, anxiety, or chronic pain

  • Sessions weekly, biweekly, or twice a week

  • Two-month minimum commitment; billed monthly thereafter

  • Designed to support you for the duration of your athletic season or training cycle

  • Also great for simple maintenance!

Both programs have limited enrollment to ensure appointment availability.