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for headaches & chronic pain

  • Reduce moderate to severe musculoskeletal pain, headaches, anxiety, or stress  without drugs!

  • Improve your quality and range of movement

A fully comprehensive healthcare program to support your healing and get you back on track.


Together we'll agree on an outcome goal and build a treatment plan around that. We continually track progress and adjust as needed. You also have access to a concierge level of support from me, even between appointments.


for recovery & maintenance

  • Stay injury free through your season or training cycle

  • Prepare for competition and recover better

  • Improve and support your sports performance  

Massage is an integral part of an athlete's training program! This plan is for anyone training regularly: runners, student athletes, those in team sports or training for a challenge.


Also ideal for clients with general tension or musculoskeletal aches, wishing to commit to a regular session to stay on top of any concerns and feel great!

Which Program Is Right For You?

  • Perfect for headaches, anxiety, or chronic pain

  • 15 sessions of massage, with full support in between appointments

  • Flexible schedule that adapts as you get better; starts weekly and moves to maintenance

  • Ideal for musculoskeletal maintenance for sports, work, or general wellness

  • Choose from two or four sessions per month

  • Three-month minimum commitment

  • Easy, automated monthly billing