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Massage That's Made For You.

The Power of Integrative Massage
Headaches & Migraines
Neck Pain
Muscle & Joint Pain
Running Injuries
Sports Maintenance
Stress & Anxiety

Integrative massage is just that: an integration of various soft tissue techniques for a treatment that's focused and specific. It can be used to treat almost any type of pain, because the mix of techniques is always different. Together we will work out what your treatment goals require, and also what your personal preferences are. These sessions are, by nature, specific and highly effective.

As a client, you'll also appreciate the ease of booking! There's no need for you to know the difference between sports, deep tissue and therapeutic massage, research the various benefits of myofascial work, or choose one type of massage when booking. I won't charge differently for different styles of massage either – to me, that just doesn't make sense.

What You Get is My Time.

My time is generous and completely dedicated to you. I always listen to your concerns; the more you can tell me, the better I can help you! If you have questions, I am happy to discuss the science, or fully explain the 'why' and the 'how' of any technique. You can choose to stay actively involved in the session – or you can relax, zone out and let your body tell me what you need.

Deep Tissue Massage   -   Myofascial Release   -   Trigger Point Therapy   -   Cupping   -   Facilitated Stretching   -   Muscle Scraping   -   Hypervolt Percussion Tool