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Self-Care & Wellness Guide

A FREE resource for keeping your body healthy and your mind​ focused!

Are you working from home in a less than ergonomic workspace, and starting

to feel achy, tense, or stressed?

Do you need advice on how to adjust your desk for comfort, or address the nagging aches and pains?

Here's your solution.


Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Written by a licensed massage therapist and specialist in musculoskeletal and soft tissue health. Over 15 years of clinical experience and expertise in your hands practical tools, tips, and techniques you can use at home! 


  • Setting up an ergonomic workstation at home

  • Building movement and mobility into your day

  • Self-care for aches, pain, and repetitive strain

  • Wellness habits for focus and productivity

  • Office stretches for the whole body

  • How to foam roll your back

  • BONUS CONTENT:  Videos to demonstrate all exercises!

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