Massage That Gets You Back on Track.

Are you frustrated by pain that's limiting your activities?

Through integrative massage and holistic self-care, I help you get out of pain so you can feel confident and strong in your body again.

Work with me in person or remotely:

You deserve a body that feels strong. You are yearning for a life that is pain-free and without barriers. You are ready to end your frustrations and enjoy all of your favorite activities with vitality and freedom. 


But is every part of your body on board with this? Is something pushing back and telling you it needs help? Are you feeling limited by pain or lack of mobility? Does it seem that chronic pain or strain controls your life? If so, let’s talk.


At Sherwood Massage, I address your needs through comprehensive massage and self-care coaching to get you back on track. With a personalized plan that uses integrative modalities and empowers you through education, you can regain your stride and move with confidence and energy again.


Each person has their own journey to health and wellness. No one thing is perfect for everyone, so with that in mind, we plan and implement a course of hands-on treatment or remote coaching and see how you respond. Your body’s response will help me assess and adjust the possible therapies to guide you back to your best function. Your body will be able to do the work of healing as we give it the tools to do so.

Reclaim Your Strength

Whether you are seeking massage for headaches and migraines, need sports injury massage, or self-care advice for pain or stress, I can help. In a few simple steps, you can confidently regain the strength, function, and wellness you deserve.


Schedule your appointment, online or by phone.


We will discuss your goals and set a treatment plan.


Throughout your care, we will check in, assess, and adjust.

With frequent opportunities to touch base via phone or email between treatments, you will have ongoing support as you work toward a life that is free of chronic pain.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

As an athlete, I understand that pain can be part of the journey. But it doesn’t have to be what defines you. Your body is telling you something through pain, and you are wise enough to listen. We will work together to help you reclaim your strength and comfort, so you can get back to the life you want to lead.


Not sure if this is the right fit for you? I serve:

  • People suffering from headaches and migraines

  • Those with chronic musculoskeletal pain, aches, or repetitive strain

  • Those suffering from stress or anxiety

  • Athletes who want to boost or maintain their performance

  • Athletes recovering from injury


You can expect your treatment at Sherwood Massage to look different from what you may have received in other places. I invite you to see what sets me apart from other practices and to schedule your first appointment today.


“Heini at Sherwood Massage is the best I have ever been to. She is so good at listening and working out whatever area needs work. She has helped me more than I had expected!” 

—  Erica B.

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