Massage For The Athlete That You Are

You have the power to feel limitless in your performance.

Through integrative massage and holistic self-care, I help you feel confident and strong in a body that never holds you back.

You move your body regularly, eat well, set goals and work hard. But how much emphasis do you put on healing? Recovery is key for leading an active lifestyle long-term, especially as you age. It’s what helps you enjoy all your favorite sports with confidence and ease.


Massage is one of the best ways to keep your body working properly. It improves mobility, treats and prevents injuries, and eases your muscles so they’re ready to work in your favor. Simply put: Massage is an essential addition to your active and physical lifestyle.


I provide comprehensive massage that’s tailored to your specific needs. With a personalized plan that uses an integrative blend of advanced techniques and empowers you through education, your body will be ready to perform the way you want it to.

Sports & Pain Management Expertise   |   Self-Care Support & Education   |   Personalized Care   |   Full Massage Time Honored   |   Advanced Modalities Without Extra Fees   |   Athletic Background

I’m much more than your massage therapist – think of me as your wellness advocate! I'm passionate about supporting your training, recovery, and injury prevention, and I work with athletes of all types. I’m a certified running coach and have played sports all my life, so I know what active bodies need to function at their best.


Each person is different, so I create a thorough, adaptable treatment plan that aligns your goals with a schedule that supports you. Your body will be able to heal properly and perform better when we give it the tools to do so.

Feel Better in Your Body

Whether you need sports injury massage or want to prepare for a new performance milestone, I can help. In a few simple steps, you can confidently regain the strength, function and wellness you need to go the extra mile.



Intake & Assessment: We discover where you're currently at

Set Outcome-based Goal(s): We discuss where you want to be

Initial Treatment: Enjoy a customized massage treatment to get you closer to your goals

Plan & Follow Up: We agree upon a thorough treatment plan of self-care and subsequent massages to bring you to your best



Are You Ready for Optimum Wellness?

As a lifelong athlete and a running coach, I understand that pain can be part of the athlete’s journey. It feels limiting when your body isn’t playing ball and frustrating when you have more off days than on.


A set recovery plan is the solution. With a customized massage regimen and structured takeaways for recovery exercises, stretches and more, you’ll be surprised at what else you’re capable of!

Not sure if this is the right fit for you? I serve:

  • Recreational and competitive athletes who want to boost or maintain their performance

  • Athletes recovering from injury or experiencing recurring pain

  • Runners who want to proactively rest and heal in between workouts

  • Those who want to stay fit and active at all stages in life


No matter the sports you play, you must look out for your body on both active and recovery days. Let’s work together so you can safely enjoy the sports and activities you love!

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“I have been seeing Heini for weekly massages while in training for competition. Her expert knowledge and skill ensures that I stay injury free and at peak performance.” 

—  Elzeth H.